A low-code application framework

To accelerate the creation of exceptional
platforms and services

Low-code application frameworks
for non-technical users

Enables non-technical users to create applications and tools like fields, forms, tasks and workflows

Re-usability – Assembly line approach using building blocks

Re-usability makes it easy to ramp from one platform to another to isolate issues quickly

Predictable performance with controlled risk

 Means you can go fast with built-in testing and pro-active monitoring with real-time performance management in an always-on environment

This is business productivity built for the users.  Task and Job based,
so you don’t have to care about “applications”.

Take a look at the picture of a typical user page below.  No rocket science.  You just click on the task you want to do and we take you there and expose every piece of information you need to complete your task.

  • Use Trivaeo for your business’ digital transformation
  • Trivaeo is 10 x faster than any other commercially available platform
  • Deliver intelligent process automation out of the box.
  • Trivaeo’s application framework has been used to create platforms for any type of business you can think of.

Why is Trivaeo the right choice?

  • Trivaeo will quickly deliver powerful industry-leading intelligent automation
  • Combining business process management, AI, robotic process automation, into intelligent automation..

6 Features You Will Love

The way information follows you is creepy!

Info is not just names and addresses. Sometimes you need the order number or the last contact details as you solve issues. The way Trivaeo works will leave you wondering how it knows which information you need; it is always on hand. Perhaps it’s witchcraft?

Everybody your business ever touches (Staff, Contractors, Customers, Partners etc.) stored in Trivaeo.

Info about people is linked when you do business with them again. Trivaeo deals automatically with GDPR issues and keeps private information hidden when needed.

Every enquiry, order, invoice task, job, process, function and item of work is logged and linked.

You can see in real-time who is doing what. Allocation of tasks becomes automatic as your processes mature.

Your own website feeds contacts to your Trivaeo system automatically. Set up in seconds, hours saved every week.

Clients can even book appointments in your calendars automatically right from your website

Every document is stored and linked to the right people and the right tasks.

You have the ability to edit and collaborate on documents on-line, even without your own copy of Microsoft Office.

Sometimes only a fully integrated system will do.

Clients are judging your efficiency from the systems you use. The Trivaeo system will allow you to link every part of your business process to the rest of your business seamlessly.

Trivaeo can be used on a free trial for 7 days. Once you start your trial we will contact you to assist and suggest the first places where the power of Trivaeo will have the most benefit in your business. Click the trial buttons to get started

Free gift if you purchase the annual pack now

Self-help solution for up to 100 users is free when you get started today

Other people will eat your day if you let them.  The best service is self-service.

One of the biggest thieves of time for a small business is dealing with calls from customers, clients, partners, sub-contractors and suppliers about standard stuff that they could sort themselves.

Omnicient features a self-service extension that allows all of these questions to be handled without wasting a minute of your time.

Trivaeo links to your accounts.  It can be done in a couple of minutes.  We will do it for you.  Just tell us which system you use.